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I am a big believer in education, but I happen to learn differently. I learn by doing. When I dropped out of college, I actually stayed in Tucson at the University of Arizona, but signed up for classes that would challenge me. I wanted to do something different that would get me out of my comfort zone because what I was currently doing wasn’t allowing me to grow.

In order to grow, we must do what makes us uncomfortable. That is how I have been able to achieve success in life and in business.

This is what I did:

• I was terrified of public speaking because I was quiet - so, I took public speaking.

• I wasn’t the best communicator - so, I took a comedy improv course.

• I didn’t know how to sell - so, I got a job at a boutique to become the best sales person.

Everyday that I would go to these classes or to work, I would want to cry because I was so nervous. This was out of my comfort zone because I was painfully shy and lacked self confidence.

• After 6 months, I had the highest sales every day at the boutique.

• After 6 months, I got excited to go to my comedy improv class because I’d leave laughing and it helped me not only to gain confidence, but to be quick on my feet.

• After 6 months, I became more confident in my communication skills.

If I didn’t push myself, I would have been stuck in the same place. In order to get unstuck, in order to move forward and in order to grow, I needed to do what made me uncomfortable.

I tell myself every day that if I want something different, then I need to take different actions or else I will get the same results. So, I ask myself:

1. Am I happy with my current situation?

2. Do I want to grow?

If the answer is yes, then I do what I have to do otherwise I have to accept my life as it is.

As I always say, we live and we die. That is 100% a fact. We can either continue life as it currently is OR if we really want something, we can go after it.

The problem is that so many of us allow our exterior circumstances and our mindset dictate our future.

That’s fear.

• We listen to the people around us.

• We doubt ourselves.

• We BELIEVE the lies we tell ourselves.

• We think that what we want isn’t “realistic.”

Is “realistic” a way to live?

Those who live in their comfort zone, live there because of FEAR.


Something else that I ALWAYS say is that the unknown is present whether you live in your comfort zone or not. That is because there is no such thing as a comfort zone. When you are in your comfort zone, things are easier, you are in the same routine, there’s less stress + anxiety, but are you happier?

Achieving what you want requires you to evaluate your life, get outside of your own head and get uncomfortable. This is what leads to fulfillment and long term internal happiness.

…because those who take that route, pursue the hell out of it and are resilient are the ones who you see living the life they love.

What will you do today that will better your tomorrow? Push yourself and remember that every obstacle, struggle or failure is an OPPORTUNITY for growth.




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