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My efforts to educate caregivers and improve Dementia care, at only 20 years old - Talia Lopez

I am a caregiver. For my grandparents, for clients at their homes, and for people I truly call friends. After many years of working in this field, it struck me one day. This is difficult. I then began to search for tips, tricks, and approaches that will help me care for individuals with dementia. One thousand searches on google later, I came across a program that was wonderful but very expensive (They all are). I decided to invest in myself anyway and become a dementia specialist.

I noticed many other caregivers doing the same thing. Searching for tips, stress tools and researching what dementia even is. I decided that we as caregivers need an affordable one-stop resource that can help us on our caregiving journey! So I started Dementia Care Advocates and gathered a collection of materials written by awesome caregivers and healthcare professionals so that we, together, can make caregiving easier by learning through our online course.

What got me in this field? Well, my grandmother had dementia when I was very young. This was my first time experiencing anything like this. I volunteered at many nursing homes when I was in high school, accumulating 350 community service hours with those with Dementia. I knew this was something that I wanted to pursue beyond high school. So I went to school for social work, got a couple internships, and became a Dementia specialist. Entrepreneurship was also a passion of mine. So after starting Dementia Care Advocates, I also started a Dementia awareness T-shirt line. I named my brand The Advocates Store.

I love designing T-shirts so much that I also started a women’s success T-shirt line. I named my brand Always Advocating for Women’s Success. With this, I hope to help other entrepreneurs like myself. I assist other entrepreneurs with their websites, graphics and logos for a very cheap price (because I don’t want to make this my full-time job. I just want to help people). I absolutely love everything that I do. Helping women, helping those with dementia and helping caregivers live a beautiful life.

Talia Lopez, CDSFounder , Caregiver, Friend (678)-863-1202

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