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Get to Know a Refugee: Meet Kobra Gholami

We’ve all seen the term “refugee” on our social media pages and news outlets. Oftentimes it’s used to reinforce a political stance. What we sometimes forget is that behind that term are millions of human beings from countries all over the world. Individuals who've endured hardships many of us may never experience. What is frequently forgotten in the midst of these opinions is empathy. These refugees have fallen victims to unfortunate circumstances in their countries, which forced them to seek refuge elsewhere. I'd like us to put politics aside for just a moment and listen to one young refugee’s story. I sat down with 24-year-old Kobra Gholami from Afghanistan. She moved to the United States in 2014, and while she and her family have finally reached their final destination - it was not a trouble-free journey. "It wasn't easy. We were hungry, we were thirsty. We were alone, we were freezing," Kobra said. "Many sicknesses we have now because of those six years." Regardless of the pain and suffering she endured, Kobra shared her story with a smile on her face. I hope this encourages you to sit down with the next stranger you come across and exchange stories. A special thank you to Project: Start Refugee Resource Center for connecting me with Kobra and assisting many refugees like her settle in North Texas.

Kobra and her family at the airport upon arriving to the United States in January 2014

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