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2019: The Year of Mental and Emotional Growth

We often hear that humans break down during life-altering moments primarily due to their fear of the unknown. Because in that moment, in the midst of the change, our brains are only able to recall what we are used to - our memories. Whether it's a breakup, a big move or a job exit. That's just how the human brain essentially works. Regardless of your religious beliefs, knowing that God (or whatever you choose to believe in) has your best interest is what you need to know. In 2019, my word was Faith.

I set this picture as my screensaver early 2019 to remind myself that God has a plan and I was going through it. I remember my cousin saying, " I know that 2019 has been a bad year for you," and me correcting her saying, "no, I won't say that. Let's call it a transitional one. God is doing this." She smiled (over the phone) and said, "that's actually a good way to look at it!”

Let's be honest, 2019 wasn't a walk in the park and I didn't go through it as Super Woman. But it was the year of emotional and mental growth. It was a year god dedicated to ME (at least that’s what it felt like). As if He went into it full-force telling me, "I'm going to unveil everything you need to know and show you how much of a strong and kick*** human being you truly are!” Every time I would feel an ounce of pain or remorse, it’s as if God would scream... “really? Here’s more!” I basically got served multiple times in 2019 by the highest power, it felt as if he was physically shaking me to wake up. And today, I can say I am beyond grateful for him.

2019 (and my first year of being 30) has taught me that my view of the world and humans was wrong. That it’s fine to be kind, but not stupid. It’s good to be an empath but not weak. That it’s normal to love but not before you practice self love. And it’s natural to see others in a good light, but listen when their actions say otherwise. Thirty was my year of mental and emotional growth. I’ve always had strong faith but today I feel spiritually closer to God than ever before. God had my back, he saved me. I am beyond thankful for the trials and tribulations that pushed me to make changes in my life, which helped place me on the path of becoming the person I deserve to be. He took the lead, and I followed. I’m thankful for (as Drake would say) God’s plan and the most transitional year of my life. Today, I go to bed content knowing that God always takes the wheel.

To whoever is reading this, know that we all have one transitional year that God puts us through to discover our strength and abilities in this world. I know that our feelings are triggered not by what happens, but how things happen. Yes, some experiences may be more extreme than others but we all experience them. As you grow and change, never let others change the good things God has implemented in you, keep your kindness and love for others. Simply grow stronger. In our hardest struggles lie our greatest blessings. But stand up for yourself even when the world stands against you. When you are not able to control what’s happening, know that it’s God. He’s doing something for you, not to you, which you will soon understand. Allow whatever you go through to help you grow, learn and become stronger. There's always light at the end of the tunnel. God always has your back.

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